Dr Ranjeet Bhagwan Singh (RBS)
Medical Research Grant

Dr Ranjeet Bhagwan Singh Research Grant Recipients

Oon Chern Ein
2014 RBS Recipient
Dharmani Devi a/p Murugan
2015 RBS Recipient
Abdul Manaf Hashim
2015 RBS Recipient
Yee Pinn Tsin
2016 RBS Recipient
Sharmili Vidyadaran
2017 RBS Recipient
Hairul Aini Binti Hamzah
2018 RBS Recipient
2019 RBS Recipient
Saiful Effendi Bin Syafruddin
2019 RBS Recipient
Chai Wai Yeeng
2021 RBS Recipient
Saw Shier Nee
2021 RBS Recipient
Tan Jun Jie
2022 RBS Recipient
2023 RBS Recipient


The late Dr Ranjeet Bhagwan Singh was a prominent medical research scientist and had made many invaluable contributions to the field of medical and scientific research specifically in the development of diagnostic laboratories in Malaysia. His Medical Research Endowment Fund was primarily established to promote education of the poor and needy irrespective of race, colour and religion. The Ranjeet Bhagwan Singh Research Grant is an annual programme under the RBS Medical Research Trust Fund to be awarded to one (1) young Malaysian scientist to undertake medical/biomedical research.

Scope of the RBS Research Grant

  • Maximum amount is RM 50,000.00 per award.

  • The grant awarded is in the form of seed funding to help the researcher develop a novel idea that will go on to form part of larger grant applications;

  • The project must be carried out in Malaysia and completed within 24 months (2 years).

  • The awarded grant must be be used only for research materials.

  • The awarded grant cannot be used for travel, equipment purchasing (e.g. personal computer, laptop, printer, server, scanner etc.) and wages or allowance for temporary and contract personnel; and

  • The grant will be disbursed to the award recipient's institution by Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MOSTI).


Applicant must be a research scientist/ physician with the following criteria:-

  • Malaysian citizen currently residing in Malaysia;

  • Must not exceed 40 years of age at the time of application.

  • Possess at least a basic University degree qualification; and

  • Must be currently working in Malaysia at public or private Institution of Higher Learning (IHLs) or any Research Institute (RIs)

Assessment Criteria

Research proposals will be assessed on the four (4) core criteria:

  1. Research Quality and Feasibility (50%);
    • Strength of medical or scientific case;
    • Feasibility of experimental plans, statistics, methodology and design, including provision of sample size calculations; and
    • How risks have been identified and will be mitigated.

  2. Impact (20%):
    • Identification of potential impacts of the research findings for Malaysia and plans to deliver these.

  3. Innovation (20%):
    • Level of innovation and whether that is likely to lead to significant new understanding.

  4. Value for Money (10%):
    • Whether funds requested are essential and justified by the importance and scientific potential of the research.

Delivery Output

The recipient of the research grant should deliver the following:

  1. Submission of a 12-month Interim Report and endorsed Financial Report by the institution’s Finance Office to the Academy of Sciences Malaysia (ASM). The report should include the milestone achievement(s) and project updates according to the report format provided.

  2. Submission of additional Progress Reports upon request by ASM. The report will be presented to the Mesyuarat Jawatankuasa Akaun Amanah Penyelidikan Perubatan Dr Ranjeet Bhagwan Singh and ASM RBS Medical Research Trust Fund Programme Committee;

  3. The Final Report and institution-endorsed Financial Report shall be submitted to ASM within 3 months of the project end date. The Report should include the status of any publications or manuscript(s) in preparation; and

  4. The Project Leader should publish at least one (1) research article in the ASM Science Journal or any other indexed peer-reviewed journal. The ASM Secretariat should be updated every six (6) months on the status of the manuscript until the manuscript is accepted for publication. A copy of published article must be submitted to the ASM Secretariat for its records.

Application Procedure

  1. All applications must be submitted online through the ASM Awards and Recognition system by clicking the Apply now button at the bottom of this page. The deadline for submission is from 1 January 2024 to 29 February 2024, 11.59pm.

  2. The research proposal and institutional endorsement form can be downloaded from the ASM Awards and Recognition system.

  3. There are six (6) sections in the Application Dashboard that need to be filled in as follows:

    • Personal Particulars;

    • Section A: Knowledge Generation;

    • Section B: Knowledge Dissemination;

    • Section C: Impact of Research Output;

    • Section D: Research Project Proposal; and

    • Declaration – Endorsement form & Proof of Employment letter.

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